Doing Yoga Online Doesn’t Have To Be Daunting

Doing Yoga Online Doesn’t Have To Be Daunting

If you’ve only ever done yoga in a studio, the thought of doing it in your living room via Zoom can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

My first yoga class, 20 years ago was via a yoga video (yep you heard right, a VHS!) in my living room when I was living in rural Japan. I was quite isolated as I’d often get snowed in and couldn’t drive to the gym. I’d read an article that Madonna credited her sculpted arms with Power Yoga so I ordered a Bryan Kest video from Amazon. From the first time I followed along, I was hooked. The rest of my yoga journey is history. Whilst I’ve attended many classes over the last two decades, my home yoga practice has been a godsend, especially in times when I couldn’t make the class times at a studio like after Banjo was born or when he was on the move and could no longer come along to Mums and Bubs classes and I had no childcare.

Here are my Top Tips for Doing Yoga at Home

Some studios are live streaming their regular classes so you can use your class or pay as you go. If you book it in and you’ve paid for it, you’re more likely to show up.

Make a commitment to yourself. Treat this date with yourself just as you would a doctor’s appointment or business meeting.Share the calendar entry with your partner so they know it’s your yoga time.

Most of us don’t have the luxury of turning our spare room into a yoga sanctuary but you don’t need much space. Even in the smallest of houses, you can find an area to clear out a nook and cranny for your yoga sanctuary. You only need enough room to carve out a clean, open, and inviting area where you can roll out your yoga mat or towel. Ideally it has a door so you can shut out the outside world for an hour or so, but not essential.

Some of the places I’ve done yoga at home include: at the end of the bed, beside the bed, in the hallway (usually the least cluttered spot!), in the living room between the couch and the TV, on the back verandah, on the front path, in the park beside my car while my baby slept, under the shade of a tree while my baby was asleep in the pram, in my baby’s room beside his cot….you can do yoga absolutely anywhere! It just requires a little creativity.

It’s ideal if you can store your yoga mat in that area too otherwise, store it in the same spot each time so you don’t need to waste time looking for it before the class starts.

The only prop that’s essential is a yoga mat, everything else is optional. For props, you can improvise with things around the house

Here’s some make- shift yoga props:

Yoga mat: a towel

Yoga blocks: 2 thick books of the same size

Meditation cushion: a cushion off your couch or a pillow from your bed

Bolster: a pillow wrapped up in a blanket.

Yoga blanket: a blanket or throw from your linen cupboard

Eye pillow: a clean sock, an eye mask or any item of clothing (I’ve even used one of Banjo’s stuffed animals before).

If you’re considering investing in yoga props, check out THIS

4. Ask for Support
Have a conversation with your partner and ask him not to disturb you for the duration of the class, this includes not putting the TV on while you’re in the living room etc.

If you have older children, ask your partner, friend or family member to take them for a walk or a play at the beach or in the backyard.

5. Watch the Replay
If you miss the Live class and your studio is recording the class commit to a time to watch the replay. And if you did the live class, make time to watch the replay and do the class again later in the week.

We all need yoga more than ever right now. There’s so many uncertainties in our current climate but getting on your mat each day or  once a week can help you to feel grounded, calm your nervous system, strengthen your nervous system, prepare for welcoming your new baby, reconnecting with yourself after having your baby and being more calm towards your older kids who are home from school.

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