Hypnobirthing Tools for Birth

Hypnobirthing Tools for Birth

What sets Hypnobirthing Australia’s Positive Birth Program apart from other independent birth education courses is the jam packed birth toolkit that each birthing mother and partner take home. I recommend taking all your tools with you to your birth because you just never know which ones you’ll need (or be drawn to) on the day.

Here’s some Tools to add to your Birth Toolkit:


Surge Breathing: during surges
Relaxation Breathing: in between surges
Breathing/ Bearing Down: in the later stages of labour during surges, when you feel a lot of pressure, during the “pushing phase” of labour.


Can be used as a natural induction technique to help dilate the cervix, progress labour, relieve back pain and strong sensations and boost endorphins during labour. An “Acupressure Cheat Sheet” is available to download in the online resources.

Self Hypnosis: Tracks and Scripts

Tracks: Rainbow Mist and Surge of the Sea

Listen to the tracks if labour starts at night and you can’t sleep. If labour starts during the day, balance activity with rest and listening to the tracks. You can listen with headphones on the way to the hospital and during labour when you’re in the bath or laying on your side on the bed (with peanut ball between your legs) to get some rest.

Tracks: Facial Relaxation, Opening Lotus Flower and Bubble of Comfort

Facial Relaxation: if partner notices mum clenching jaw or holding tension in her face during labour.
Opening Lotus Flower: when baby’s head is crowning
Bubble of Comfort: to help mum internalise during labour.

Scripts: Rainbow Mist, Affirmations, Opening Lotus Flower, Facial Relaxation, Breathing Techniques, Bubble of Comfort, Glove of Endorphins & Deepeners and The Journey- Additional Fear Release.

When to use: Use scripts during labour. Specifically:
Facial Relaxation: if partner notices mum clenching jaw or holding tension in her face during labour.
Opening Lotus Flower: when head is crowning
Glove of Endorphins & Deepeners: before mum gets an epidural or cannula
Fear Release: to help let go of anything that is holding you back from surrendering to the process of labour.

Affirmations: Cards, Scripts and Tracks

Place affirmation cards on the walls at home and at hospital. Listen to tracks in the car on the way to hospital or anytime during labour to stay positive.

When to use: prompts for each stage of labour are in the “Birth Partner Cheat Sheet”. There is also a Birth Prompts track you can purchase HERE

Anchor Touch & Trigger Words

Birth partner to use any time they feels mum needs to relax a little deeper.


The best position for labour is where you feel most comfortable. If labour is stalling or you’ve been in the same position for a while or birth partner notices mum looks uncomfortable, suggest she change position (between surges not during). Always ensure her knees are padded on the floor or in the bath and offer to cover her with a sheet in room to give her a sense or privacy but to make sure she is warm enough. Never have Mum lay on her back.

During the Positive Birth Program you’ll learn active birth positions and birth partners will learn how to best support mum including how to use a birth ball, peanut ball and Rebozo.


Downloads: My Amazing Uterus, Opening Lotus Flower, My Baby Is Positioned For Birth, Breathing Bearing Down and Door Sign are all available to download in your online resources.

Put up on walls in birthing space.

Light Touch Massage and Trigger Word

To help mum relax and produce endorphins (20- 40 times more powerful than morphine)- between and during surges is ok. Use with Trigger word to help her relax deeper.

During the Positive Birth Program your birth partner will learn how to do Light Touch Massage and you’ll decide on a trigger word and a surge sign.


When to use: Listen to music and tracks during labour. Ensure your birth partner knows how to access the playlists and when to play them. I recommend a variety of playlists- a relaxing one and a more energetic one plus one with your Hypnobirthing Australia Tracks.


Use Clary Sage on acupressure points to assist with dilation and expulsion of the placenta in 3rd stage. Put lavender in diffuser or use in a spritz to spray mum’s face or pillow to help her relax. Use peppermint to boost her energy. Never apply neat on skin. Always use a carrier oil (like almond, olive or coconut) and always use a good quality essential oil like Young Living.

Instant Relaxation Techniques

Tools: Relaxation Breathing, Body Scan, Counting Down and Bubble of comfort
Before a Vaginal Examination. Ask midwife to ask until birth partner or doula has finished reading the scripts. Also use anytime mum needs to relax deeper.


Shower: Anytime in labour. Mum can stand and lean against wall or sit on birth ball or birth stool. Or birth partner can get in shower too and support her weight. Birth partner may aim shower hose on mum’s lower abdomen or lower back as counter pressure during surges.

Bath: Only once labour is established. If mum gets in too early it can slow labour. Mum can lay back or lean over edge of bath. Make sure she has support under her knees and under head. She may also like to use peanut ball to lean over in bath.

Instead of Light Touch Massage in bath, birth partner can use a cup and trickle water over mum’s skin not submerged under water.

Cold Compress: put on mum’s forehead if she’s feeling hot.

Warm Compress: hold on mum’s perineum when baby is crowning to prevent tearing.

As a mother and doula, I’ve seen these tools in action and I’m always in awe of just how powerful they are.

Equip yourself and your birth partner with these incredible tools for labour and birth at my next Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth weekend in Milton. For more info, dates and bookings, Click Here

Finding Certainty In The Uncertainty During Pregnancy

Finding Certainty In The Uncertainty During Pregnancy

“It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to, has power over you, if you allow it”

No doubt you’re grieving at the moment for the baby shower you can’t have, the babymoon you can’t go on, the face to face birth education classes you planned to do with your partner, your in-laws coming from overseas to help out, your family and friends meeting your new baby and joining a mothers group.

Your world as you know it might feel like it’s spinning out of control. But there’s two things you can control…your mindset and your actions.

You get to choose:

  • how you feel
  • what you think
  • how you act
  • how you respond
  • what you eat
  • how you move
  • what you listen to
  • what you watch
  • who you follow on social media

What if you shifted your perspective and viewed this time and space in isolation as a gift to you and your baby? Use this bonus time to prepare for your birth and postpartum.

Here’s some ideas for your Birth:

  • Educate yourself about your birth options and your choices. Hospital antenatal classes have been cancelled but there’s some fantastic online Independent Birth Education courses like Hypnobirthing Australia. Hypnobirthing ensures you have a positive birth experience, no matter how your baby comes into your arms.
  • Keep a positive mindset: Listen to podcasts, read books, watch positive birth stories, write affirmations, listen to self- hypnosis tracks and put them where you’ll see them often.
  • Write your birth preferences: once you’ve educated yourself about your options, write them down. Share them with your birth partner and your care providers. We ultimately don’t have the final say in how our babies arrive, but there’s power in writing them down.
  • Set up your labour circuit: so you can stay at home for as long as possible once you’re in labour. To prepare, create a space in your house with a birthing ball, yoga mat, chair, yoga bolster, cushions and pillows, a wall clear of furniture and a birthing pool or bath. As you approach your due date, practise using this equipment. Choose positions which allow you to be in an upright position to make the most of gravity to help with the descent of your baby. Choose comfortable positions to rest in between surges. You can learn more about these positions on a Hypnobirthing Australia course, in my prenatal yoga classes or Active Birth by Janet Balaskas.
  • Create a birth playlist: of all your favourite songs using Spotify or Apple Music and listen to it when you’re feeling calm and relaxed so when you listen to it in labour, it will invoke these same feelings. You can check out my birth playlist here (it’s also the music I play in my prenatal yoga classes). 
  • Practice: if you’ve learnt tools like self hypnosis, acupressure, light touch massage, breathing, practice with your partner daily so they’re second nature when you go into labour.
  • Exercise: go for a walk in nature, swim in the ocean or sign up to prenatal yoga classes.
  • Plan your postpartum: Most women don’t give this a second thought. They finish work just a few weeks before baby’s estimated due date, catch up with friends for coffee and before they know it their baby is here.

Here’s some ideas for your Postpartum:

  • Plan your virtual Baby Shower or Mother Blessing.
  • Have conversations with your partner about household responsibilities once your baby arrives and your parenting goals.
  • Create your virtual village: research online mothers circles, virtual mama and baby yoga and massage classes, facebook groups, zoom or facetime with friends who listen and don’t judge.
  • Write a list of your favourite meals that you can cook and freeze.
  • Make double servings of your evening meals and freeze a portion.
  • Create a MealTrain for family and friends to drop meals on your doorstep.
  • Create a directory of local restaurants that are delivering.
  • Create a feeding sanctuary for when you bring your baby home.
  • Download books onto your Kindle or get a Audible account.
  • Save your favourite shows or ones you want to watch to your Favourites in Netflix, Stan or Amazon Prime.
  • Create a playlist of your favourite podcasts on Spotify or Himalaya.

Use this time to focus on what you can control. Don’t waste energy on what you can’t and view this extra time as a blessing.