Online Yoga and Pilates for Motherhood

Mums and Bubs Yoga

I’d been teaching pre and postnatal yoga and pilates for 13 years when I fell pregnant with Banjo. Finally, I put into practice everything I had learnt and taught in my classes. I had a lot of fun experimenting and modifying the postures and exercises to accommodate my changing body and energy levels. 

I returned to yoga and pilates soon after Banjo was born. Mostly squeezing in short sessions throughout the day while he was napping or happily playing alongside me.

Getting to a class with a baby in tow was harder than I had imagined. Banjo hated the car and when we made the effort, I’d sit out parts of the class to feed him, settle him or put him to sleep.

I created these online yoga and pilates classes for you to practice anywhere anytime. Whilst these classes are suitable throughout pregnancy and after birth, I recommend getting clearance from your doctor before you begin.

There’s loads more videos coming soon so subscribe to my youtube channel to be the first to know when the new classes are up online.

Prenatal Yoga

A slow flow yoga class. Poses are held longer and linked together to create a flow of movements. Each pose connects with the rhythm of your breath, giving you time and space to move through the sequence. Learn breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques you’ll use throughout all trimesters, as well as during labour, birth and beyond.

Prenatal Pilates

A full body workout on the mat using your own body weight for resistance⎯as well as therabands, stability balls, foam rollers and hand weights. Tone, stretch and strengthen your entire body in preparation for labour, birth and postnatal recovery.  

Postnatal Yoga

A gentle way to heal after birth and prepare you for returning to exercise with your baby in tow. Classes include poses to:

  • heal abdominal separation and tone your pelvic floor
  • release your tight neck, shoulders, hips and back
  • improve your posture
  • recharge your batteries

Postnatal Pilates

This full body workout on the mat uses your own bodyweight for resistance. Therabands, foam rollers or hand weights are also used to tone, stretch and strengthen your entire body for postnatal recovery.

Baby Yoga

A fun and interactive class to nurture and strengthens your bond with your baby with light- hearted yoga practices you’ll both benefit from.

Classes include postnatal yoga for you, stretching and strengthening the muscles most in need while engaging with your baby and baby yoga moves accompanied by songs and rhymes to help with digestion, relaxation, sleep, coordination and motor development.

Baby Wearing Yoga

Designed to be practised while wearing your baby in a wrap or carrier. The best part is you don’t need to try and find a time to do yoga, instead you can do it together with your baby. Hopefully the movement will lull your baby to sleep. I created these Baby Wearing Yoga sequences when Banjo was young and just wanted to be held. Enjoy the snuggles and do something for yourself at the same time.

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