Hypnobirthing Australia™

Positive Birth Program Milton

  Hypnobirthing Australia’s Positive Birth Program is an independent childbirth education course for couples who want to feel empowered and prepared for a calm and positive birth- regardless of how it unfolds.


Small Group and Private classes are offered monthly with Melissa from Birth of A Mum in Milton on the NSW South Coast, via zoom or Online.


“When we have an empowering birth experience, this sets us up well for empowered and positive parenting”

– Melissa Spilsted, Hypnobirthing Australia.

Here’s What’s Included in Hypnobirthing Australia™ Programs

  • An engaging and practical weekend course from 9.30- 4.30pm with like- minded expectant couples.

  • Online and downloadable resources to accompany the program.
  • Support via a private facebook group of like- minded hypnobirthing parents and facilitators.
  • Rainbow Mist MP3: a guided relaxation using hypnobirthing breathing, guided imagery, visualisations and subconscious prompting to condition your thoughts, release fears and build faith in your own ability to birth.
  • Affirmations for beautiful birthing MP3
  • Surge of the Sea MP3: a guided relaxation and self- hypnosis for Childbirth
  • The Kajabi App allows you to listen to MP3s anywhere anytime or download tracks to listen off- line.

  • ‘little book of Hypnobirthing’ ebook: a summary of the hypnobirthing philosophy, mindset and techniques.

  • Worksheets: including Cheat Sheets for Acupressure and Birth Partner, Breathing Techniques and Birth Preferences Template.

  • Extra Practice Videos: Facial Relaxation, Opening Flower Visualisation, Mini- Hypno Relaxation, Bubble of Comfort and Birth Rehearsal video.
  • Comprehensive ‘Extra Reading and Research List’: Knowledge is power so ensure use this to inform yourself to enable you to make the best decision for you (should the need arise).

  • Routine for Practice: up to 36 weeks and 36 onwards for a positive and empowering birth.

  • Inspiring and empowered Birth Video to demonstrate the hypnobirthing techniques in action.

  • Scripts for your partner to read (and/or record): Bubble of Comfort, Rainbow Mist, Glove of Endorphins & Deepeners and ‘The Journey’- an Additional Fear Release.



The full 12 hour Positive Birth Program taught over 2 x 6 hour sessions over a full weekend in Milton.

Classes are limited to 2 couples so I can tailor the sessions to you and your unique birth.




The full 12 hour Positive Birth Program at a time convenient for you and your birth partner in Milton or in your home.





Full Hypnobirthing Australia online program


90  min or 3 hour Private session

From $199


When is the ideal time to do the Hypnobirthing Australia program?

Anytime between 20- 35 weeks pregnant is ideal to give you time to practice the techniques leading up to your birth. However, if you’re further along in your pregnancy, you’re welcome to join as long as you’re committed to doing the “work”.

What if I can’t make the upcoming dates or the dates are too close to my estimated due date?

Contact Me to do a private intensive session.

Why should I invest in Hypnobirthing instead of free antenatal classes?

Hypnobirthing Australia is an evidence- based independent Childbirth Education course, whereas the free antenatal classes are governed by hospital policy. Unlike free antenatal classes, Hypnobirthing Australia will equip you and your birth partner with all the tools you’ll need for a positive labour and birth including self- hypnosis, breathing techniques (for relaxation, surges and bearing down), acupressure (for pain relief, natural induction and to enhance surges), massage and positions for active labour and birth.

It was proven In an Australian study by Dr Kate Levett (Jul 2016), that independent childbirth education including relaxation, breathing, meditation, massage and acupressure more than halved epidural rates and almost halved caesarean rates.

To read more research, statistics and scientific studies, click here

How is Hypnobirthing Australia different to Calmbirth?

Both Hypnobirthing Australia and Calmbirth teach mindset techniques, knowledge and tools for a calm and gentle birth but only Hypnobirthing Australia uses the techniques of self-hypnosis for removing fear leading up to birth, maintaining a positive mindset throughout pregnancy, labour, birth, postpartum and beyond.

What will my birth partner get out of the Hypnobirthing Australia course?

Up until now, perhaps you feel that you’re the only one going through changes- physical and emotional and you’re the only doing the reading and preparing for the arrival of your baby. Perhaps you’re worried how your partner is going to support you during labour and birth. Worry no more! Hypnobirthing Australia will give your partner a tool box full of tools to support you during pregnancy, labour and birth. He’ll feel empowered being able to share the journey of parenthood with you. 

He’ll learn how to support you by:

  • preparing the room (no matter where you birth) so it’s conducive to a calm and relaxed labour and birth.
  • Using Acupressure
  • Using light touch massage
  • Reading Self- hypnosis scripts to help you release your fears, rehearse for birth and relax
  • Using Affirmations
  • Asking the right questions of your healthcare providers to enable you to make informed decisions, should the need arise in the lead up to and during your birth
  • Using the tips on the Cheat Sheet through every stage of labour and birth
  • Physically supporting you in active labour positions or fetching props to ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed.
My friend/ family member/ colleague did hypnobirthing and it didn’t help her! Why would it be any different for me?

Hypnobirthing Australia is a 2 day course but the learning doesn’t end there. Just like any big event, preparation is the key to success. You and your partner will be given a routine to practise including regularly listening to your affirmations and hypnobirthing tracks, practising your breathing, visualisation and self- hypnosis techniques and listening to the Birth Rehearsal Track. Just doing the 2 day course or reading the notes or reading a book on hypnobirthing won’t ensure success. Also, there are other Hypnobirthing courses on the market and none quite compare to Hypnobirthing Australia’s comprehensive program which equips you with a jam- packed folio of resources, online resources, hypnosis scripts and mp3 files and a supportive online community. Plus it’s the only hypnobirthing course that prepares you for positive birth- no matter what unfolds. 

What if my partner can't come? Or I'm a single mum?

You’re welcome to come on your own but we recommend bringing either your doula, mother, sister, best friend – whoever you feel will best support you throughout your pregnancy and birth. Otherwise, if your birth partner can’t make it, you both can do the Hypnobirthing Australia Online Course, Hypnobubs in your own time. You then also have the option of doing a 90 minute or 3 hour private with me to enhance your learnings. Find out more here

Is hypnobirthing only for women who want a natural birth?

Absolutely not! Hypnobirthing Australia prepares you for a positive birth- regardless of how your baby comes into the world. The program helps you and your partner to bond with your baby and each other,  to relax during pregnancy, to release fears about birth and equips you and your partner to make educated decisions no matter how your birth unfolds. If you choose to have an epidural or cesarean you can use the tools you learnt on the program to remain calm, relaxed and empowered. 

Is hypnobirthing beneficial if I've chosen to have a cesarean?

Absolutely! Hypnobirthing Australia prepares you for a positive birth- regardless of how your baby comes into the world. The program helps you and your partner to bond with your baby and each other,  to relax during pregnancy, to release fears about birth and equips you and your partner to make educated decisions no matter how your birth unfolds. If you choose to have an epidural or cesarean you can use the tools you learnt on the program to remain calm, relaxed and empowered. Hypnobirthing Australia have pioneered ‘The Positive Caesarean Birth’ course to teach you techniques for relaxation and self-hypnosis to assist in achieving a calm and family-friendly caesarean. Read More HERE

What should we wear?

Clothes that are stretchy, comfy and make you feel good. Layering is best in case you get hot or cold. Socks will keep your feet warm in our relaxations. Whilst chairs are available, there will be times where we’ll sit on the floor or practise some positions for labour and birth so leave your jeans and mini skirts at home.

Still got questions?

Please call Me (Melissa): 0452 580 005 or email: hello@melissafield.com.au  and I’ll be happy to help you to decide if this program is right for you.

“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear.”

– Jane Weideman

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