Roslyn Saunders

“I had a very insightful and rewarding weekend at Melissa’s Hypnobirthing course. My partner has grown immensely in his confidence and understanding of his role during birth, and I too feel like I am in a much clearer head space of the whole process. It was great being surrounded with other like-minded couples who had their own previous birth and postnatal experiences which led to a lot of rich discussions that I took a lot away from. Melissa is very knowledgeable and engaging and I highly recommend this course for soon-to-be parents.”

Jemma Dale

“I feel so incredibly lucky to have connected with Melissa, a truly beautiful, kind-natured, experienced, and passionate woman, and mother. With her purposeful intentions of educating and empowering mothers, Melissa has absolutely improved my journey and transition to birth and motherhood”

Kayla Donavon

“Melissa is so many things but if I had to describe her in one word it would be amazing! Right from the first time we spoke via email I felt a good connection with her and then once my hubby and I signed up to do her hypnobirthing class we felt comfortable with her right away! So much so that she has been our doula during our pregnancy as well as I attended her yoga classes.
Melissa is so easy to talk to, always open for any discussion, full of knowledge on every topic, she listens and knows how to give advice/suggestions but without ever making you feel like you have to take them on board. Melissa has done so much for us during this pregnancy and is always one message or phone call away. We can’t thank you enough!

Alisha Burcher

“Melissa is a fantastic doula. We had an amazing birth and I’m not sure it would have been the same without her. She helped us stay in the comfort of our home for as long as possible, suggested better positions to progress my labour, reminded me to breathe, ensured my hypnobirthing tracks and music was always playing, fully relaxed me before examinations, used my oils to help me birth my placenta, took so many special videos and photos as requested and so much more. My partner felt so much more supported having Melissa there and having them both as my advocates meant I was left undisturbed to allow my body to open and do its thing! We will definitely be having Melissa as our doula for our next baby.”

Milli Kaskof

“I can’t recommend Melissa’s Prenatal Yoga Hypnobirthing classes highly enough. They gave me the most valuable tools and knowledge that helped me with the best pregnancy, labour and post natal journey that I could have asked for. Melissa and her classes are invaluable! I am so grateful for the knowledge, power, education, friendship and support that she has to offer”