Pamela Willis

So glad I joined Mamatoto Retreat! Being an anxious person by nature, Melissa’s Prenatal Yoga class has helped bring a lot of calmness to my pregnancy. It’s also helped make a good bond with other Mumma’s to be. I’ve joined in on every session! And can’t wait to join the mama and Bubs classes once my little one is earthbound! 💕

Nina Terry

Prenatal yoga classes does not scrape the surface of describing the support, care and guidance you are given by doing Prenatal Yoga at Mamatoto Retreat. The benefits you reap from having Melissa double as yoga instructor and trained doula are astounding. Melissa takes extreme care in planning her lessons and providing all the extras you need when growing a human! (Treats). Melissa is a sponge and retains any information you let her know and will always pass on a book she thinks you might like, or check in with you to see if you have healed from your aches/pains. These classes provide a wonderful platform for exercise, self care and meeting like minded individuals. I am so grateful for the experience I have had at Mamatoto Retreat!

Tatjana Dale

When I first google searched for ‘yoga classes’ I did not expect to come across prenatal yoga classes like what Melissa offers at Mamatoto Retreat. I was actually quiet nervous to begin with because I had never done yoga and just moved to the area, but as soon as I walked into her yoga studio it was instantly calming and I felt comfortable straight away, plus the small intimate classes are perfect for meeting other mums to be in the area!

Not only do I always leave feeling calm and relaxed but the ongoing support and advice I’ve received from Melissa has been so amazing and helpful. She genuinely cares about your pregnancy and health and I’m so grateful I came across Mamatoto Retreat on my google search for the perfect yoga classes!

Louise Middleton

Mamatoto Retreat has been the best experience for this first time mum to be! Melissa is so knowledgeable and has created such a beautiful and calming space to meet other mamas and share our experiences on this journey. Looking forward to spending more time here with my bubba.

Demi Hampson

Melissa’s Prenatal Yoga classes are fantastic and I would highly recommend to any Mumma or Mumma to be at any stage of their journey. Melissa not only offers a relaxing and comfortable environment for you to let go of any worries or fears but also has so much knowledge and information to offer as well. The classes are fun, relaxing, informative and transformative I don’t know if this stressed Mumma to be would have enjoyed the journey half as much without them. Thanks Melissa ❤️